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Christy quickly got up and, feeling how slippery her thighs were, didn’t stay to argue. She slipped out the bedroom door and hurried down the hall to the bathroom. There, once she was alone, she surveyed the damage. Her stockings were hanging down below her knees, the garters dangling against her hips on either side of the mess. Some blood had smeared against both of her thighs and run between her ass cheeks. Pulling the stockings off her feet, she then reached over and found the halter’s side zipper. Once loosened and the shoulder straps pulled down, the top fell over her hips to the floor in a silent whisper.

Christy ran a quick shower, gingerly probing her new body. There was some raw tissue still but nothing too painful and once everything was washed up she didn’t look any different. Just touching her pussy brought flashbacks to a few minutes before. She quickly dried off and, not finding a robe, gathered her lingerie up in a ball then quickly passed through the hall once more back into Jo’s son’s room.