I looked at her and she scooted up and put her mouth on mine for a wet, sloppy French kiss and told me to take over. Escort Ledy looked at me and nodded. Karen quickly straddled Kelly’s head and stuck her pussy in her mouth.

I moved on down and dove right in. I licked her lips and then wrapped my lips around her ripe sweet pickle for the first time without her pitching a fit. Of course she was in no position to pitch a fit with a foxy 110 pound babe sitting on her face.

I nibbled, sucked, chewed, gnawed, tongued, munched and crunched that clit like it was the last one on Earth. There was a louder-by-the-second two-part harmony of rapture coming from the two girls and Kelly’s hand was on my head and she ground her groin into my face, as if it were possible for them to be any more affixed.